2004 LIBERTA-ME (Set Me Free)

Recorded in 2004, this album brings  memories from the early days as a solo singer. It was the first production and most of the songs are mine, except the portuguese version of “Fall on Me” and “I Love You” by Lucio de Souza. The simplicity of the arrangements and the newness of the songs did not hold back the reach of this album. Surely, when God is paving the way the “humble begginings” are especially appreciated. The central message was and is:  “Set me free so I can go and set the world free. Recorded in Vitória, ES and mixed by Val Martins.

2006 ANDANDO NA LUZ (Walking in the Light)

A compilation of songs written ouf ot my “secret place”; the pre-production os this work resulted in a more dynamic album. The arrangements were done by the band, which resulted in a great mix. My brother Josias played the guitar on this cd and my sister heart is full as I listen to it. The central message was and is: “we can only experience true fellowship when we are honest, human, true to one another” (1João 1:5-7). Recorded in São Paulo, mixed by Bill.

2008 ESTANTE DA VIDA (Life’s Shelf)

This album was born out of hard times. The loss of my mother moved me to write “Vaidade” (Vanity) and I dedicated the song “Paz” (Peace) to her, Zilda Rosa. From loving her so much I had memorized the rythym of her steps and I could always tell when she I was approaching. This song was born from this realization, with me asking Jesus that I could know Him like that, to the point of always recognizing his steps, just like I did my Mom’s!

The central message: we are jars of clay and the Potter knows all things! It does not matter where in the “shelf of life” He places us. The important thing is how we will respond in testing times! Recorded in São Paulo, released by Graça Music.

2011 CONFIANÇA (Trust)

Living in Curitiba and experiencing a time of great learning with very special people God brought to us, “Confiança” came marking a time of positioning and claiming of victories in God and for God. The art of the cover was done by Imaginar. The beautiful tree is in one of the parks in Curitiba, Barigui. I was pregnant with our first child, Joshua. The main theme here is hope, which produces perseverance! The songs of this album came from completely random and unassuming timesa, some of which had been in “the drawer” for a long time. I love to sing about eternity and the song “Close Friend” (Amigo Intimo) shows it: “You are my beggining and my end”. If He is everything to you, He can only be the Alpha and Omega! The musical production was by a close friend, William Douglas. We revisited Ronaldo Santos’ song, “Glory to the Lamb of God” (Glória ao Cordeiro de Deus). Recorded in Curitiba; Mixed and masterized by Jordan Macedo.

2014 Live in São Paulo

A dream came true on that October 8th.

I was touched to see the fullfillment of a dream from my teenage years. God’s promises always come to pass if we persevere! For this recording, the songs were carefully chosen as to announce the message of all times: God’s redemption plan for mankind. This was intentionally done to make this message the highlight. The musical production was by Junior Finnis, recording was by my current band. It was released by Musile Records.

In the audience there were dear people who were part of my journey since my first album. Pastors and mentors, friends we made throughout our tours in Brazil, family and production team. Needless to say, it was emotional; lots of tears of joy were shed. Everybody embracing and thanking God for all the good He has done to us all!

2015 PEACE

This album was very special. I remember every melody and lyrics that came while we were traveling to fulfill the agendas throughout Brazil.
The song “Reign” was like a whisper to the ears … , but the song “His Path” was very explosive and directive. At that time, Finnis, the Music producer, had to listen to endless pieces of melodies from my iPhone recorder between one connection and another. One of the most important messages that marked my life in the composition of this album is within the song “House of Bread”, since I could understand that the true church is not stingy, but it is generous, full of joy and divine peace. And the experience I had with Jesus was when I felt His presence invading my room and His sweet voice asked: “How much of the Kingdom of God is there in your life?”He didn’t care how long I claimed to be “Christian”, yet how much peace, justice, and joy there was in my life! It gave me several weeks of deep reflections. And I will repass this question to you:How much is your heart full of Peace, Justice, and Joy today?
I hope you hear the voice of King Jesus calling you to walk in His paths of wisdom. And may your heart be filled with the peace that only the Prince of peace can give!

2018 Canal no YouTube

Life does not stop!
God does not stop and we need to keep going!

This year we have new youtube channel with new releases and the remake of “ What a beautiful name” which has surpassed 2 million views.

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